How to encourage my horse to drink more water?
Water consumption is just as essential, and monitoring this can prevent dehydration and improve your horses' overall health.  A good old fashioned bucket is great, but the disadvantage of using buckets is that they can be difficult to transport and can spill if not correctly secured. Polymaster's stable drinkers are available with optional brackets for fence hanging. Cleaning your drinker is vital for your horse, as well as ensuring the durability of your product. A drain cap is located at the bottom for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can choose from 8ltr, 25ltr, 45ltr or 90ltr drinkers. Also available in pink, purple, lime and heritage green.
Why does my horses’ food dry out?
Food wastage can be preventable through the use of a storage bin or tub. It's a great solution to store and preserve horse's feed or other perishable items. Our 200ltr storage bin can hold a large volume with a small footprint, and its multi-purpose design makes it an excellent investment. Our feed storage bin won't rust, rot, corrode nor allow rodents in or grains out.
Does your horse overeat or undereat?
Horses love to eat, and every horse owner must be aware and cautious of their horses' daily food intake. Feeding your horse the correct quantity of pellets or grain isn't rocket science, but it does require some math to figure out their weight. Overfeeding a horse can result in colic, bowel blockages, and even death if not treated promptly. Measuring your horses' food intake has never been easier. Our premium 20ltr bucket includes litre increments for easy measuring. This multi-use bucket is excellent for filling up water or feeders. It also consists of a flat side which helps to prevent leg contact when carrying a full or heavy bucket. In addition, this lightweight bucket is strong and is highly durable with a heavy-duty handle and underside hand grip for ease of pouring. Another option is our 20ltr handi bucket. It's a great economical and lightweight option for endless use and can carry up to 20 litres, and you can even pair the bucket with a poly scoop. The poly scoop is a great measuring tool as it can hold up to 2.5kg of pellets and is ergonomically shaped for easy handling. In addition, this product allows you to keep track of your horses feeding by filling up half or one full scoop rather than measuring by the litre. Both buckets are available in 5 stylish colours; pink, yellow, purple, lime and transparent green.
How do you reduce hay wastage?
Hay wastage is familiar with horses; however, it can be prevented by using the proper feeder. Whether your feeding round or square bales, a feeder will decrease the amount of trodden, dirty, and destroyed hay. A hayrack is an excellent investment since it prevents food waste by making it more difficult for the horse to pull out the hay. The Polymaster hayrack is intended to be installed on a fence or rail and has a big feed bin where excess feed may be deposited rather than on the floor.
Does feeding directly on the ground impact your horses’ health?
When a horse feeds directly from the ground, they are prone to ingesting sand or sand-like materials such as wood shavings or dirt. These harmful elements can enhance a horse's risk of developing sand colic. It can also increase their chance of an intestinal parasite load, especially if they're not on a good parasite control program. Once ingested, they can cause colic, bloating, weight loss and decrease your horse's performance. But feeding at ground level has numerous health benefits because it mimics their natural head-down grazing posture, such as;
  • Better chewing
  • Reduced choking risk
  • Enhanced airway drainage
  • Increased salivation
  • and better dental alignment is a few of the advantages.
If you have an old tyre, you can use our tyre feeder, which fits inside 14 and 16-inch tyres. Placing ground feeders into a tyre provides stability and prevents your horse from stepping into it and toppling it over.  Our tyre feeder's capacity is 18 litres, and it's an excellent option if you prefer feeding your horse at ground level.