What additional features does the Enclosed IBC Bund provide for IBC storage?
It includes the following; 
  • A built-in vent to expel gases.  
  • A 250ltr day tank for continuous dosing if incorporated into an in-line process. 
  • Rainwater resistant doors holds chemical spray inside and prevents rainwater ingress 
  • Lockable cabinet 
  • Viewing windows incorporated into the doors 
  • 110% bund capacity complies with AS3780 
  • Venting x 2 sides 
  • Vent and low-level alarm available 
  • Chemical resistant – high grade polyethylene construction 
  • Optional dosing pumps and systems easily incorporated into the functional front cabinet 
  • Optional level alarms for day tank 
What is the best way to store an IBC safely? 
Polymaster has an enclosed IBC Storage Bund that is a weatherproof storage container that contain an IBC within the bund.  It is designed to prevent rain from entering the unit and in the event of an IBC rupture, the unit would contain the entire contents within itself.
Can Polymaster’s IBC Storage Bund accommodate a customized dosing system?
Yes, the front cabinet can either accommodate a fully customized dosing system or an off-the-shelf dispensing kit suggested by Polymaster that suits chemicals.
Is there an alarm to indicate when the day tank is running low in the ibc storage cabinet?
Yes, the mounted audible and visual low-level alarm can be viewed through viewing panels.
How can operators access the IBC within the IBC Storage Bund?
Operators have free and easy access via outward swing doors. Each door has clear viewing panels so that an operator can see inside without putting themselves at risk in the event of a spill.
Does Polymaster’s IBC Storage bund meet safety standards? 
Yes, Polymaster’s IBC storage bund exceeds AS3780-2008, The Storage and Handling of Corrosive Substances, bunding requirements of 110%
How do I install my IBC into the IBC storage Cabinet?
Polymaster's Enclosed IBC Bund Storage features wide-opening doors that allow an IBC to be easily forklifted into position from either the side or the back. Extra clearance on all sides of the entrance is beneficial for exterior storage where forklifts may operate on uneven terrain.
What is the estimated cost for an IBC Storage Bund (ENCIB) unit with a cabinet?
This depends on if you require dosing pipework for one or two pumps, or if you need just the cabinet. Contact Polymaster on 1300 062 064 to get a quote for your site. 
How many dosing pumps can you fit into the IBC Storage Bund?
It really depends on the pump size you have in mind. For example, if the pumps were 30lph (Grundfos DDAs), three would be the maximum. 
The IBC storage container (Enclosed IBC) features a 250L day tank. Is the day tank and IBC connection always open, and does this mean that the IBC will continually feed the day tank until the IBC is empty?
Yes this is correct it will gravity fill the day tank until empty. There is a level switch on the day tank that will switch when the day tank is say at 200 litres and another can be put in place. Alternate we offer pressure transducers for level indication also. 
What are the unloading procedures for Self-bunded tanks?

Our  1,500ltr to 10,000ltr self-bunded tanks are always despatched on a pallet. This means that they can be unloaded with either a forklift or crane with spreader bar. It’s important that it is only lifted from underneath the tank unless there are purpose-built lift lugs welded on.  For tanks above this size please refer to the lifting plans.