Fittings, Accessories & Modifications

Fittings, Accessories & Modifications

Modifying and tailoring your chemical or waste water tank is what we are all about.

We understand that every project is different therefore your fitting requirements and their specific locations vary often from site to site.  A Polyethylene tank is the perfect platform to build upon as it lends itself to positioning many fittings on the one tank with ease (providing it is constructed correctly).


  • Level sensor indicators
  • In-loading control panel
  • Dipstick adapters
  • BSP adapters
  • PE  stub flanges
  • Mechanical outlets
  • Liquidators
  • Vents
  • Vortex filters

Whether you are after complex design of pipework or have a specific design request for your accessory needs, our engineering team can guide you through the enormous (sometimes seemingly limitless) number of options available to you. Our Polymer experts can ensure that each fitting is matched to the chemical being stored to eliminate any chance of failure in the field.

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