Is your Diesel tank compliant with AS1940 standard?

August 27, 2018

The revamped standard, AS 1940:2017, came into force early August 2017 and sets out specifications for flame retardant qualities of polyethylene tanks holding up to 10,000L which can now be used to store diesel. In the past, diesel was primarily stored in steel tanks, which are significantly more expensive than polyethylene.



Polymaster manufactures a Diesel bunded tank designed to the specifications of the new standard, says the company’s Research & Development Manager Anoop Chandra.

To comply with the standard, a specially formulated fire-retardant has been incorporated into the polyethylene tank during the manufacturing process. So, if a flame comes into contact with the installed tank, the special blend plastic will resist the flame, therefore retaining its structural integrity. Diesel tanks need to pass strict laboratory testing to be issued with this certification.


We made a breakthrough over five years ago in designing and manufacturing a diesel-bunded tank. It’s a diesel-grade tank inside, which will ensure no “leaching” of diesel over time. This tank fits within another tank (the outer tank) which creates a bund that has 110% capacity of the inside tank. If for some catastrophic reason the inner tank fails (which has never happened), the outer tank will contain all the diesel. It is self-bunding therefore saving you space in your yard. Quality components are also key to the design especially the anti-static and anti-splash measures we’ve built to keep the user safe.

Polymaster self-bunded tanks are ready to go storage solutions, as pumps, powers, tank measurement and nozzles are included and tested at the factory prior to delivery.

Worksafe is the regulatory body for AS1940:2017.

“Polymaster worked closely with Worksafe to ensure the highest possible standard was compiled to and means all fuel suppliers and agents can fill these tanks with confidence” says Anoop.

Polymaster offers a complete solution for the customer. Whether you are a truck or bus company, a fuel depot, farmer, civil contractor or an excavation operator, we have a tank that will suit your needs with all the necessary certificates and approvals to safely fill and store your diesel.

We also offer a service and maintenance program for your diesel tank as regular maintenance reduces running costs, eliminates downtime and increases safety in the workplace, diesel tanks should be serviced every 6 months, or every 50,000 litres dispensed, depending which occurs first.

Is your diesel tank compliant? Call and talk to us today!


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