Smart Strategies for using a Liquid Fertiliser

September 24, 2018

Liquid fertilisers are becoming increasingly popular in Australia for many reasons.

A primary advantage of a liquid solution versus granular is the even distribution of nutrients throughout. Nutrient content is the same in every drop, making it easier to ensure each plant gets an even amount.

Liquid form is a more efficient delivery system, allowing fewer mobile nutrients like phosphorus, to get much closer to the roots.


Liquid fertilisers can be applied to the foliage where they are more readily absorbed and available to the plant. Foliar application is an excellent way to correct mid-season deficiencies or supplement soil-applied nutrients.

With the right storage and distribution systems in place, a liquid fertiliser is easier to handle and apply than solid equivalents. It’s also more straightforward to mix them into different concentrations and combine with other crop protection products.

With a Polymaster storage solution the liquid fertiliser is transferred directly from the tanker to your tanks, making it easier and a more cost-effective way to fertilise your crop.

Tank capacities range from 9,000L to 50,000L and are built tough – in one piece. There are no joins or seams which reduces the risk of bulging or a costly split.

Key features of the Polymaster range;

  • Manufactured from high-quality polyethylene with extra heavy-duty wall thickness and a specific gravity up to 1.5SG.
  • Designed with a self-supporting roof, therefore no roof support pole to interfere with the fertiliser.
  • An external level indicator giving you clear visibility of volume within the tank
  • Optional top-fill kit with 2” camlock for no mess, no spill tanker filling

Our tanks are:

  • Certified by Yara Nipro (UAN manufacturer).
  • Built to Australian Standards to withstand the harshest of conditions
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Delivered to site.

In addition, a batching system can be installed to allow you to mix your own ‘brew’ with liquid nitrogen, calcium nitrate and the like.

Give the fertiliser storage experts a call on 1800 062 064 or email us at to find the ideal option for your requirements.